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Pneumatic gate valve
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Working principle of pneumatic gate valve

1. The actuator of the pneumatic gate valve has two functions: positive and negative. Therefore, the valve can be opened and closed in two ways: gas on and gas off. The gate valve adopts a unique metal contact type structure, reliable operation, and has extremely high shut-off performance, which is superior to the conventional shut-off valve. The allowable leakage amount reaches 10-8 KV. Wide range of use, the temperature can be from -196 ℃ to 500 ℃, the caliber is as small as 40mm, as large as 600mm. The valve seat has three types of parallel, 60 V-shaped notch and 90 V-shaped notch to meet the needs of different applications.
2. The valve body can be insulated in the form of a jacket, which is used when the medium is easy to be blocked after condensation, condensation or coking.

Main performance parameter

Nominal pressure: 1.6,
Operating temperature: -29 ~ 425 ℃ (carbon steel) -40 ~ + 550 ℃ (stainless steel)
Nominal diameter: DN50 ~ 800mm
Body material: 304.306.316L.WCB.HT200
Connecting flange: JB / T79. GB913. HG20592
Applicable medium: air, water, steam, oil and corrosive fluids such as nitric acid and acetic acid
Mode of action: cut-off, adjustable, manual control
Power supply voltage: 220VAC, 24VAC
Input signal: 4 ~ 20mA / 1 ~ 5VDC
0 ~ 20mA / 0 ~ 10VDC

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