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PTFE stainless steel electric butterfly valve
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Product name: PTFE stainless steel electric butterfly valve
Product model: D971F-10CP
Specifications: DN40-DN600
Nominal pressure: PN1.0 / 1.6Mpa
Applicable medium: various corrosive medium

Applicable temperature: + 10 ~ 150 ℃

Overview of PTFE stainless steel electric butterfly valve

蝶阀阀座与阀板是由全PTFE制作而成,既具有普通蝶阀的机械强度,又能发挥PTFE或PA的耐强化学介质特性。 PTFE stainless steel electric butterfly valve butterfly valve seat and valve plate are made of full PTFE, which not only has the mechanical strength of ordinary butterfly valves, but also can play the strong chemical medium characteristics of PTFE or PA. It adopts the technology of double-segment shaft and segmented up and down. Not suitable for process media with particles and high temperatures.

■ Stainless steel valve body optional ■ Applicable chemical media ■ Spherical friction surface design at the upper and lower middle holes of the valve plate reduces torque and sealability

PTFE stainless steel electric butterfly valve parameters

Electric Actuator
Ordinary switch type, passive contact switch type
Potentiometer type with resistance output
Potentiometer type with 4-20mA
Adjustable input and output 4-20mA
Explosion-proof electric actuator
EX dⅡBT4 EX d11 CT6
Adjustable, switch
AC220V AC110V AC380
DC12V DC24V DC110V
Nominal diameter
Nominal pressure
proper temperature
PTFE: -30 ~ + 150 ℃
Connection method
Wafer type, lug wafer type
Body structure
Body material
Ductile iron, cast steel
Valve plate material
Ductile iron, cast steel
Seat lining
Applicable medium
Strong acid, strong base, strong oxidant, etc.
Electric valve wiring diagram and working principle

Product List
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