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Desulphurization, destocking butterfly valve
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Main performance specifications of one standard desulfurization and destocking butterfly valve

proper temperature
Applicable medium
Natural rubber ≤ 85 ℃ Gypsum slurry, limestone slurry , recycled water, process water, wastewater
EPDM rubber ≤100 ℃

The main material of one standard de-spinning and desulfurization butterfly valve

Body material QT450 WCB SUS304
Valve plate material 2205 \ 2507 \ 1.4529 \ C276
1. Small and light, easy to maintain, and can be installed in any position;
2. Simple structure and quick opening;
3. Long life and many times of opening and closing;
4. The leakage of the two-way seal test is zero;
5. The flow characteristic tends to be good for linear adjustment;
Standards for desulfurization and destocking butterfly valves :
Manufacturing Standards GB12238-89 Flange standard GB / T17241
Structure length standard GB12221-89 Inspection standards GB / T13927-92

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