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Why are some electric valves black?
Published: September 21, 2019 Author: 【191566.com】 Hits: Times

Why are some common electric valves all black? I believe everyone is more curious, in fact there is a reason, let's take a look at the pneumatic ball valve with Xiaobian!

The electric valve will turn black after the phosphating process, and its main function is to prevent rust.

Maintenance notes for electric valve leveling:

1. Before installing the valve, it is necessary to keep foreign objects such as welding slag and iron filings in the pipeline, so as not to puncture the sealing surface of the valve when closing the valve.

2. Lubricants need to be added regularly for maintenance of bolts and screws to prevent rusting of parts.

3. In order to prevent the valve packing from leaking with ageing, it is necessary to regularly check and replace the valve sealing packing.

The above is why the electric valve is black.

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