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Working principle and opening and closing of pneumatic ball valve
Published: May 15, 2017 Author: 【191566.com】 Hits: Times

The purpose of the valve is to trap the liquid or gas so that it cannot pass at will. Different types of valves have different uses. Pneumatic ball valves are a type of valves that are widely used in aviation kerosene, natural gas, liquefied gas, pipeline gas and other pipelines. Next we will learn more about the working principle of pneumatic ball valves in the future.
Pneumatic ball valve working principle: The key of the working principle of the double-closed double-break and bleed valve is the action of two sealing slides installed on the cock.
The working principle of the pneumatic ball valve can be further divided into several parts, as follows:
Valve closed:
When the valve is closed, first rotate the hand wheel to rotate the cock and the sealing slide by 90 , and then the cock moves downward. As the cock moves, push the sealing slide toward the cover of the valve body cavity until the elastic seal is evenly squeezed The upper and lower ends of the valve hole form a seal.
Valve opens:
When the valve is opened, first turn the handwheel to lift the cock, and pull the sealing slide back from the sealing surfaces on both sides of the valve body. After the slide is completely retracted from the sealing surface of the valve body, continue to turn the hand wheel to rotate the cock and the sealing slide by 90 , and the valve is in the open position.
About sealing:
The elastic sealing ring is molded into the groove of the sliding plate. As the sealing slide moves to the inlet and outlet of the valve, the sealing circle is gradually pressed into the groove. Grade gold-to-metal seal prevents the elastic seal circle from being pressed further, and has a fireproof function.
Double off and double off and release:
This is a method to completely shut off the pipelines at both ends by two shut-off valves and a relief valve in the middle. Closing the two main valves and opening the relief valve can improve the safety of the system. If the first valve leaks, the leaked medium can be led out by an open relief valve.
Double seal method:
Two independent sealing slides are pressed at the upper and lower ends of the valve hole (double shutoff). When the valve is closed, the relief valve is opened to check the sealing effect (bleed)

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