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Installation and maintenance of pneumatic butterfly valve
Published: February 20, 2017 Author: 【191566.com】 Hits: Times

Installation and maintenance of pneumatic butterfly valve
1. When installing a pneumatic butterfly valve , pay attention to the flow direction mark on the valve body to avoid the wrong circulation direction and affect the use.
2. If leakage of stuffing box is found during use, tighten the gland bolts to solve it.
3. The crank arm of the pneumatic actuator has a square head structure and is used as a manual device. In the event of a failure, the manual operation can be achieved by removing the gas source tube and directly using a manual wrench.
4. Before using the pneumatic butterfly valve, confirm that the valve is fully open to flush and clean the pipeline, so as to avoid debris such as welding slag from scratching the sealing surface.
5. Pneumatic butterfly valve can be installed vertically in the range of 180 horizontally. Do not install the pneumatic actuator upside down.
6. Pneumatic butterfly valves are usually provided with bypass pipelines. When servicing or replacing pneumatic butterfly valves, the bypass pipeline can be used as usual.
7. Please refer to the manual for details of the adjustment of the positioner or solenoid valve.
Precautions for pneumatic butterfly valve
1. During installation, the valve disc should stop in the closed position.
2. The opening position should be determined according to the rotation angle of the butterfly plate.
3. The butterfly valve with bypass valve should be opened before opening.
4. It should be installed according to the installation instructions of the manufacturer. Heavy-weight butterfly valves should be provided with a solid foundation.
Source: Pneumatic Butterfly Valve www.tjybfm.org/

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