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[Industry information] Low-end valve overcapacity, the industry enters the reshuffle phase
Published: April 23, 2016 Author: 【191566.com】 Hits: Times

With the macroeconomic regulation and control of the national economy, the state's investment in energy, metallurgy, chemical and other industries has decreased, and the situation of oversupply of low-end products in the valve industry has emerged. The operation of valve companies has entered a period of vicious price competition.

Data show that the number of valve enterprises in China ranks first in the world, but low-level, small-scale, home-workshop-type enterprises occupy the majority. Due to repeated construction, insufficient technology investment and introduction, the leading products of most of China's valve companies are still at the popular level, and the valves needed for high temperature and high pressure and key devices still rely on imports.

The root cause of this situation is that industry insiders believe that although valve products are relatively low-tech compared to electronics and other products, the reasonable selection of materials and the scientific application of processes play a key role in the safe use of valves. Role, and these will increase production costs. Right now, the price war in the valve industry is getting more and more fierce, so that some companies suffering from price wars, in order to reduce costs, they do not consider product materials at all. From the immediate interests, they may have temporarily won market share, but in exchange for Is the reduction of corporate credibility. Conversely, we pay attention to investment in product quality and technology. Although the product costs are high and the selling price is high, it is temporarily out of favor in the market, especially in newly developed markets. However, after comparing with customers, we believe that high-quality products are purchased at one time. The cost is high, but the overall cost is much lower than ordinary products with low prices.

In recent years, China's economy has developed rapidly, and users have generally paid more attention to valve quality. If operators of valve companies still pay attention to price wars and do not pay attention to product quality, technical level and investment in after-sales service, they will inevitably be eliminated by the market. Get out.

In fact, not only the valve industry has entered the shuffle stage, many industries have already entered this stage, which is also a must for every industry. Only through this stage can both the industry and the enterprise truly stand the test.

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