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  • With the macroeconomic regulation and control of the national economy, the state's investment in energy, metallurgy, chemical and other industries has decreased, and the situation of oversupply of low-end products in the valve industry has emerged. The operation of valve companies has entered a period of vicious price competition. Data show that the number of valve companies in China ranks first in the world, but low-level, small-scale,

  • There are many types of valves and their applications are also very wide. So how are they classified? First, according to the structural characteristics, according to the direction of movement of the closing member relative to the valve seat can be divided: 1. Gate-shaped: the closing member moves along the center of the valve seat. 2. Gate shape: The closing piece moves along the center of the vertical valve seat. 3. Plugs and spheres

  • The biggest difference between the two is that the butterfly valve's opening and closing piece is a plate, while the ball valve is a ball. The valve plate of the butterfly valve and the spool of the ball valve both rotate around their own axis; the butterfly valve can adjust the flow rate by the opening degree; the ball valve is not convenient to do this. The sealing surface of the ball valve is a spherical surface, and the sealing surface of a butterfly valve is a circular cylindrical surface. Butterfly valve

  • Tianjin Yibiao Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional valve enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing and operation. The company's main products: butterfly valves, ball valves, desulfurization valves, hydraulic control valves, electric regulating valves, pneumatic regulating valves, electric ball valves, pneumatic ball valves, electric butterfly valves, pneumatic butterfly valves and other products, which are widely used in power plants

  • What is the role of the butterfly valve? Here we will briefly talk about the role of the lower butterfly valve. Butterfly valves are suitable for extracting corrosive liquids from bottles, buckets, tanks, tanks or other containers. Butterfly valve is widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, light industry, synthetic fiber, environmental protection, food, fire valve and medicine departments. Butterfly valve has stable performance

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